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Hemphill’s is a respected, and well established local business and farm. Well known as the go to place for all things horse and rider. We take pride in providing a welcoming environment for horse enthusiasts from all over to come to ride, take lessons, purchase horses and other needs from grain, riding gear, brushes, and so much more!  At Hemphill’s, we are continuing a tradition of providing horses to summer camps and engaging in private sales of quality horses for over 50 years.

Hemphill’s Horses, Feed, and Saddlery Clinics

We have held a number of clinics at Hemphill’s Horses, Feed & Saddlery with a focus on educating the rider on new topics. Some of our past clinicians include Dale Myler, Melanie Smith-Taylor, Luanne Wason, CMTPA, Steve Akley, and more! 

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We carry a long-established, and trustworthy reputation as talented horse traders with an eye for quality horses and ponies retailed at affordable prices. We have customers who travel to Hemphill’s from up and down the East Coast and all of New England.


15.3h, 12 yo grade pinto gelding. This flashy, big gelding will make someone a fun partner. With three floaty and comfortable gaits, he is a

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16h, 15 yo AQHA gelding. Nice, big, sturdy gelding has been used as a working horse to check fences and move cows. Nice walk, trot,

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Birthday Cake

14.1h, 15yo grade gray mare. This sweet mare comes in the prettiest little package. Nice quiet walk, trot, and push to canter. Has great brakes

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JJ Lawson

16h, 16 yo grade chestnut gelding. This big, lanky gelding is the kind everyone wants. Quiet, kind, and easy with three nice gaits under saddle

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15h, 18 yo AQHA gelding. This is a nice, chesnut gelding who has done a little of everything. He has a balanced walk, trot, canter

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Little John

16.2h, 18 yo grade warmblood gelding. This gentle giant is just plain cool to be around and to ride. He has three lovely gaits, a

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Snow Pea

15h, 14 yo draft cross mare. Snow Pea rides and also has driving experience. She is more whoa than go and is sweet to handle

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15.3h, 18 yo bay appendix mare. Nice big hunt seat mare with three pretty gaits under saddle. Will make someone a good partner. Video

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Ruby Slippers

15h, 9 yo grade chestnut mare. Nice walk, trot, canter mare. Has logged a lot of trail miles out west but is also willing to

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15.1h, 14yo AQHA gelding. This handsome palomino gelding is broke, comfortable and fun. Works well off seat and leg, good in the ring and out

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14h, 9 yo sorrel pony mare. Has a nice walk, trot, canter under saddle and a trail riding background. Cute mover, friendly personality, and ready

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Little Rock

15.1h, 16 yo grade friesian cross gelding. Attractive and sturdy gelding with three floaty gaits under saddle. Naturally balanced and flashy, he could ride down

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Hemphill’s Horses, Feed, and Saddlery Horse and Pony Sales Information

Buying and Trading

We buy horses from a number of sources including friends along the East Coast and others out west. When buying from local buyers we ask them to send photos, a video, and information about the horse to, so we can determine if the horse will be a good fit in our camp leasing herd and the sales barn. Trades are considered. Keep in mind we buy at wholesale prices as there is overhead in working or training, feeding, and advertising these horses.

Horse Purchase Deposit Policy

Some horses may be held with a deposit prior to purchasing. A deposit of 10% of the asking price will hold a sale horse or pony for 3 business days. During that time, you may come back and try the horse again if you wish and you may also arrange a vet check if you plan to do one. Pre-purchase vet exams are optional and at the buyer’s expense. The buyer should make arrangements with the local vet of their choosing. The deposit is non-refundable unless the decision not to purchase the horse is due to a failed vet check. During the time that the horse is held with a deposit, it will stay in a box stall and be turned out individually for a few hours during the day unless other arrangements are discussed. If you decide to purchase a horse or pony, the deposit will go towards the purchase price.

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Post Horse Purchase

After purchasing a horse or pony, 5 days of board are included if needed. If you need time beyond 5 days after purchase to arrange for transportation, board is $20 per day and is available for up to an additional 10 days. If you hire us to haul the horse, shipping fees are a $3 per loaded mile.

We Proudly Feed Blue Seal

If you’re looking for grain to feed your new horse, look no farther. We have a large line of Blue Seal horse feed, making it easy to find the right product best suited to your equine’s needs. 

Contact Us

See how to get in touch with us, see where to find us for your horse sale and leasing needs, for feed, or for your supplies and equipment for all things horse and rider. We are conveniently located about 20 minutes off of I-95 between Augusta and Waterville.

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