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Hemphill’s is a well-established and respected local business known as the go-to for all horse and rider needs.

A Continued Tradition

We are proud of our heritage and the reputation we have built over the years. Hemphill’s was founded by Creighton and Margaret Hemphill and was family-owned and operated by the Hemphill family for over 30 years. The Hemphill family developed a great reputation over a lifetime of trading horses, selling tack and retailing feed. It grew to become an iconic institution in North Vassalboro and Hemphill’s Horses, Feed, and Saddlery, Inc. strives to keep the business thriving for the next generation of horse enthusiasts in Maine and New England. Hemphill’s Horses, Feed, and Saddlery, Inc. is a new business operating in the footprint and in the spirit of what was formerly Hemphill’s, Inc. The new “Hemphill’s” is family owned and operated by Emily Mitchell and Bill Rafuse.  Together with our family, our staff, and the community at large, we aim to create a mecca for horse lovers across Maine and New England. We are stepping into a tradition of providing a one-stop-shop for all things equine with the sale of horses, tack, and feed, as well as a camp horse rental program. We have expanded our offerings to include educational clinics in a variety of disciplines, seminars on veterinary care and nutrition, a traveling tack shop, competitions, and fun family-friendly events.

Horses For Sale

We have developed a reputation for being a trustworthy retailer of quality horses and ponies. We have a range of horses and ponies for sale to fit a variety of needs always at competitive prices. We have customers from around New England and as far afield as Texas, Florida, and Tennessee who buy and lease our horses.

Feed Operation

We are one of the biggest dealers of Blue Seal feed in the area. From pet feed to bird feed to livestock feed and those in between, we’ve got your feed needs covered. If you have it, we can feed it. As an added perk, we meet you on the dock with your feed and help you load it in your vehicle if needed. We also have some delivery routes available for bulk orders.

Tack Store

Our tack store meets the basic needs for horse and rider. We carry a variety of grooming equipment, halters and leads, blankets, rider apparel, helmets, boots, and tack. We also carry supplements, de-wormers, fly protection and stable supplies like buckets, hardware, pitchforks, brooms, and shavings. In addition, we stock Breyer and gifts for the horse lover in your life.

Meet Our Staff

Hemphill’s Horses, Feed, and Saddlery, Inc. is proud of our valuable team of staff members who help us maintain the Hemphill’s reputation. Our trustworthy staff members work had to give our customers the best experience possible with every visit. Our staff members are dedicated, knowledgeable and always there to help. Read more about each member of the Hemphill’s family below.
We take pride in being a small business—our employees strive to provide our customers with answers to their questions and personalized service.


Have questions or want to know more about us? We invite you to visit the store, meet our staff and horses today! Look at our Frequently Asked Questions collection for more information. Also read testimonials from our current or past horse sales, feed supply, and our tack store customers.

Let Our Staff Help You Today

Speak with our staff in store or on the phone to get your questions answered. We are ready to help from a simple question to helping you pick you next tack set. Let’s work together today. 

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See how to get in touch with us, see where to find us for your horse sale and leasing needs, for feed, or for your supplies and equipment for all things horse and rider. We are conveniently located about 20 minutes off of I-95 between Augusta and Waterville.

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