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Purchasing quality pet food isn’t only important for horses and livestock; your four-legged and feathered friends back at the homestead need quality food as well. Dog food, cat food, bird food, even food for rodents. These are some of the products we’re proud to provide to pet owners throughout Maine. Hemphills, located in Vassalboro, is dedicated to bringing only the highest quality pet foods to animals you love. There are a great many benefits to getting quality pet foods for the animals you call family.


The Long Term Benefits Of Quality Pet Foodpet food

Quality pet food is vital because providing the greatest quality food is one way each pet owner can improve their pet’s lifespan and quality of life. The food you feed your pet directly affects its health. The essential word is quality, the quality of the components used to make the pet food you feed. The adage “You are what you eat” is true for our pets as well. A better quality of life comes from better quality food. There will be fewer skin problems, itching, ear infections, and more positive effects of good nutrition such as muscling and muscle tone, stronger bones, greater energy, better temperament, and more. Better nutrition boosts the immune system and improves long-term health while reducing stress on the organs. The kidneys and liver work very hard to remove toxins from the body such as chemicals, preservatives, colors, and other non-supportive materials. While their bodies are working so hard to rid themselves of them, they are often malnourished because the food they eat is full of fillers or by-products that make them feel full but do not nourish them.

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pet foodWhat Makes Pet Food Considered High Quality

Foods with meat or meat meal are of higher quality. Premium foods frequently contain a carbohydrate source, but no grains. The greatest premium foods are made with human-grade ingredients and natural Omega 3 & Omega 6 fatty acids. Avoid maize, wheat, and soy components, which are typically used as fillers and are the first allergic triggers in pets with food intolerances or allergies. No fillers, chemical preservatives, artificial colors, or tastes. Greater digestibility means better nutrition, which means more and better quality of what the body can use. It’s critical to distinguish between digestible and crude protein. Low-quality diets may contain crude protein sources like chicken beaks, cow hooves, and goat hair, which are not digested and pass through the feces without providing any nutritional value to the pet. Dogs and cats are carnivores with digestive systems designed for meat, not corn, wheat, or soy. In order to make their food more appetizing, several low-cost manufacturers add sugar or artificial flavors. The taste of higher quality pet foods is superior, lowering the number of artificial chemicals or inappropriate additives like sweets that the body must process.

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A Closing Thought

With growing knowledge and awareness about nutrition and its impact on general health, it’s reasonable for people to want to offer their dogs the best dog and cat meals available. The pet food industry is booming, and higher-quality diets for our pets are becoming more widely available. It’s more convenient and straightforward than ever to guarantee your pet receives the best care possible. Hemphills is happy and proud to provide your pets with only the highest quality food for all of your pets. To get started on finding the perfect food for them, click the link below.

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